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Toilet Rebate

Save your money by saving water with City of Nanaimo's Toilet Replacement Program!

Get money back, save on your water bill and reduce water use through the City of Nanaimo's toilet replacement program.

Many buildings are equipped with older toilets that require 13 litres or larger per flush. New low-flow toilets require only 4.8 litres per flush and ultra-low-flow toilets use either 6 or 3 litres. By switching, you could use up to one third less water! That could save more than 200 litres per day, or 80,000 litres per year.

For a limited time, the City of Nanaimo is offering a lifetime maximum of two (2) rebates per property.  Toilets using 13 litres of more, replaced with a CSA-approved new low-flow model, will give you a rebate of $50 each applied to your City user rate account.

If your property is within the Nanaimo city limits and you are connected to the City's sewer or water system, download a copy of the Toilet Rebate Application or pick one up from the Service and Resource Centre at 411 Dunsmuir Street, and mail or drop off your completed application, all with all required receipts, to the Service and Resource Centre. See the Application for complete details.

Note that funding is limited and applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds are exhausted.

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