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Green Home Initiatives

The City is interested in helping our environment. As such, we have a few initiatives on the go to help homeowners help us acheive that goal:

Toilet Rebate Program
Visit our toilet rebate page to get information on receiving a credit for the purchase of a new low-flow toilet when you replace your older-model larger-volume toilet.

Woodstove Change-out Program
Visit our woodstove change-out page to get information on how to receive a rebate to replace your pre-1994 woodstove.

Carriage Houses and Secondary Suites
Urban density has far reaching impact for city environmentally, economically and socially. By allowing secondary suites and carriage houses within our city, Nanaimo is working towards mitigating the negative impacts of urban sprawl. Check out our Secondary Suite Guide for information on how to get your suite started today.

Environmental Planning
Our handy Sustainability Checklist – Guide to Bonus Density has useful information on the promotion of sustainable building practices as it relates to zone density.For many other tips and information on how you can impact your environment, visit our Environmental Planning page.

Heritage Building Conservation
Fixing up an existing home and improving its efficiency is a great way to help save a few trees. Visit our Heritage Planning page for more information and to read about the City's cash grant program.

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