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Request Building Plans

When a Building Permit is taken out to construct or modify a house, commercial building or other structure, building plans are required to be submitted with the permit application. As such, the City has records of many building plans on file.

If necessary, a request can be made for a copy of the building plan(s) we have on file. We are able to provide electronic or hard copies of the plan(s) for a fee (see the Plan Requests form for fee information).

Note that we may not have plans on file for older buildings or for buildings located in areas that were outside of city limits prior to amalgamation in 1975. For older buildings that were within the old city limits, you may also try contacting Nanaimo Archives at 250-753-4462 or

Once a request is submitted, it may take up to several days before we can complete your request, depending on volume of requests and staff work load. Please note that if the requestor is not the property owner, signed permission is required from the property owner before drawings can be released.

Requests can be submitted to:

Building Inspections



Fax: 250-755-4512


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