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Please download a Word Document or PDF with the full instructions. Once complete, you may upload your submission using the form below.

About the Resilience Grant 

The Resilience Grant responds to the needs of Nanaimo’s arts and culture community with flexible, rapid onetime funding.  
The Resilience Grant offers funding in the range of $1,000 to $5,000, in response to emerging community needs, opportunities, pressures and changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to support local initiatives that contribute to stability of the arts and culture ecosystem, contribute to community resilience, and take advantage of emerging opportunities.  

The Resilience Grant 2021 aligns with the goals of the City of Nanaimo’s Strategic Plan and the Cultural Plan for a Creative Nanaimo by creating a vibrant culture of innovation, stewardship and partnership to encourage a diverse and healthy economy now and into the future; supporting arts and culture as an integral part of everyday life; and strengthening the creative sector by investing in organizations and people who animate our cultural spaces.


The deadline for submissions is midnight, Pacific Time, March 1, 2021. 

Please read through the Program Guidelines for the Resilience Grant  prior to completing the Submission Form located at the bottom of this page.  Incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted.



The Resilience Grant can be used to support:

1. One-time programs, events, or initiatives taking place in 2021


2. Activities that reflect efforts to adapt or respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by addressing organizational capacity needs and manage transition, including human resources, governance, community engagement and outreach, revenue diversification, mentorships, pursuing goals of equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion 


3. Projects by new applicants seeking funds from the City of Nanaimo for the first time

This is a one-time funding program. 



Eligible Applicants
  • Individual artists, collective and non-profit organizations are all eligible to apply 
  • Organizations must have an arts or culture mandate, or a mandate to provide services to the arts and culture sector 
  • Organizations and collectives must be based in Nanaimo, individuals must be a full-time resident of Nanaimo
This fund especially encourages first-time applicants.

Eligible Activities
The Resilience Grant program supports projects that adapt to our current environment of change and can include:

Programming, events, or initiatives taking place any time in 2021

Priorities for funding:
  • Projects that help you grow as an artist or an organization (for example: mentorships, skill building initiatives, networking, training)
  • Discreet purchases that will offer you a tool to reduce barriers you identify or can help you solve a problem (for example: software, special equipment for new initiatives)
  • Applications by groups or individuals seeking support from the City of Nanaimo for the first time 
  • Expenses that help you to realize an opportunity that has arisen due to the pandemic
  • Activities that pursue goals of equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion
Eligible Expenses
Costs related to proposed initiatives, up to 75% of the total project cost. Expenses can include:
  • Artist fees
  • Programming expenses
  • Administrative expenses related to a one-time project
  • Purchase of Minor Capital (equipment under $5K)
Funds are not available to support:
  • Operating expenses 
  • Project phases or activities that have begun prior to the deadline
  • Operating budget deficits
  • Direct fundraising activities
  • Projects or activities funded through other City of Nanaimo programs

Adjudication Process

Projects should demonstrate a clear scope, timeline, and expected outcome. The activities must be outlined in detail, including information about those who will be responsible for carrying out the activities of the grant. 
All applications will be evaluated and funds distributed according to the following criteria:

Artistic Merit - Demonstrate how the proposed project will advance the art form, skills or practice that are central to your work. Consider the following points: 
  • Clarity, focus and vitality of a proposed project. Is it unique? Does it advance your practice?
  • Benefit to the applicant and the broader arts and cultural community. Does it meet a need, or offer something new?
  • An artistic program which reflects and fulfills your mandate or stated goals. 
  • A sound and well-articulated artistic plan and a demonstrated ability to fulfill that plan. Is it focused, clear and achievable?
Community Impact Provide an understanding and evidence of unmet needs in your organization or practice. Consider the following points:
  • Promotion of local arts and culture. 
  • Contribution to the community which may include outreach, audience development, educational activities for the public, economic impact, and or volunteer participation
Feasibility - Refer to achievable goals in your proposed project. Consider the following points: 
  • Abilities to realize a project, including timeline and financial planning
  • Clearly detailed project goals 
  • The inclusion of and engagement with appropriate protocols and practices, particularly in regard to Indigenous artists and communities, where applicable
  • Demonstrated awareness of the quality of working conditions for those contributing to the project, including a commitment to cultural safety
  • Evidence of competent administration at your organization (i.e. evidence of a functional Board and clearly articulated administrative and governance structures), or demonstrated knowledge appropriate to your individual or collective pursuit (i.e. appropriate training or demonstrated ability to undertake the proposed project). 
  • Evidence of a budgeting ability, including the ability to identify appropriate revenue sources, (such as earned revenue, funding from other levels of government, or support from the private sector through fundraising, donations, sponsorships, or memberships) as well as a detailed projected project expenses 
Demonstrated Need - Specify how this funding will be used to meet your needs. Consider the following points:
  • Articulate how public funding supports the request made in your applications
  • Demonstrate how the project meets your goals and priorities or offers a unique opportunity to the community in the context you will undertake your work

Grant applications will be reviewed by an internal City of Nanaimo Culture and Events Staff review committee based on program criteria and demonstrated need. Recommendations will be forwarded to Council for final approval. Council decisions are final. 

How to Apply

Applicants must fill out an application form and supply the following required materials:

For Organizations
  • (1 page) An organizational profile including mission, mandate, structure and information about any members of the organization that will be involved in the activities proposed in this application. 
  • (1-2 pages) A project description outlining the goals of your proposed activity, and how you will use the funds.
  • (1-2 pages) A budget for this project that demonstrates thorough understanding of revenues and expenses.
  • (1 page) A timeline of activities that will take place and identify the location which they occur.
  • Relevant support materials
For Collectives and/or Individuals
An individual or collective profile, including biographies and CVs of the active participants in the proposed grant activities. 
  • (1-2 pages) A project description outlining the goals of your proposed activity, and how you will use the funds.
  • (1-2 pages) A budget for this project that demonstrates thorough understanding of revenues and expenses.
  • (1 page) A timeline of activities that will take place and identify the location which they occur.
  • Relevant support materials 
All Applicants must provide Support Materials

The following materials may be supplied in support of your application
  • up to 10 images (Jpeg preferred)
  • up to 5 sound clips, no more than 2 minutes in length (online links preferred)
  • up to 5 minutes of video (online links preferred)
  • up to 10 pages in writing samples
  • related publicity or marketing materials 
  • other: participant biographies


Submission Methods

  • Online: Fill in the submission form below and upload a signed application form and attachments for all sections. All application sections and support material must be included for an application to be considered complete.

  • By Dropbox at the Bowen Complex located at 500 Bowen Road. The Dropbox is located on the lower level of the building near the tennis courts (Pine Street Entrance). The building is open to program registrants only. Please make sure your package is clearly marked and that you have filled out and sign the application page and have included all relevant support materials in your application package. 

    A confirmation email will be sent to all applicants (using the email address indicated in your application form) to confirm that we have received your submission.
Please download a Word Document or PDF with the full instructions. Once complete, you may upload your submission using the form below.

Culture & Events Resilience Grant 2021 Submission Form

The specified form no longer exists or is currently unpublished.

Terms and Conditions of Funding

Once submitted, the application is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The City advises applicants that submissions may be subject to the provisions of FOIPPA and the Community Charter. Personal information provided in the submission will be collected pursuant to FOIPPA and the Community Charter. Personal information will not be released except in accordance with the FOIPPA. Questions about the collection of your personal information may be referred to the Legislative Services Department at (250) 755-4405, or via email at

General Terms and Conditions
If awarded funds, you must formally acknowledge that you accept your grant by the date specified in your results letter. The awarding of a grant is at the sole and absolute discretion of the City of Nanaimo. The City of Nanaimo retains the right to rescind or reduce any grant previously awarded. The circumstances for rescinding a grant include but are not limited to:

  • failure to meet the terms and conditions of the grant
  • failure to comply with legal obligations
  • failure to respect the commitment to provide a workplace free from harassment, discrimination and sexual misconduct
  • unapproved changes to funded activities 
  • significant risk of insolvency or bankruptcy

Final Reports
Grant recipients must use the Resilience Grant Report Form to complete and submit their final report by the due date specified in the results letter. Final reports must detail any substantial changes to your original proposal and must include an accounting of spent and unspent funds. Failure to provide a final report will result in the rejection of all new funding applications. 

Grant Repayment 
If for any reason you cannot use the grant at the expected time, decide not to carry out the plans described in your grant application or refuse the grant conditions, you must notify us immediately. If you are unable to complete your project or event any unspent funds must be returned to the City of Nanaimo. Unused grant funds will not be carried over to the next calendar year. If you do not use the entire grant amount, any unused portion belongs to the City of Nanaimo.

The City of Nanaimo will deliver awarded funds by cheque or direct deposit. To receive funds via EFT, recipient must fill out and return the EFT form.

Changes to Activities
Changes to the scope of your original proposal must be approved by the City of Nanaimo. You must notify the City of Nanaimo immediately if you cannot use part or the entire grant during the period stated in your application. If there are major changes to your proposed activities (for example: changes to the focus of the project, in the activity budget, to key creative personnel or a significant change to the timeline) you must submit a project update form for approval. City staff must approve any major changes to your funded activities before you carry them out. 

Acknowledgement of the City of Nanaimo and Logo Use
Public acknowledgement of support is mandatory for all grant recipients. Please ensure that all materials (including copies of reports, advertising, oral presentations and publicity relating to the project(s) or programming credit the support of the grant. Please ensure proper logo use when crediting the City of Nanaimo’s support. You can request logo files by contacting

Permits, Fees, Applications
The approval of this grant does not indicate approval of associated required permits for public events. Processing special event permits can take several weeks. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all necessary permits have been obtained prior to commencing project and or event and ensure compliance with all required permits.

Health Orders
All Provincial Health Orders must be adhered to and applicant must complete and follow a COVID-19 safety plan.

Documents submitted become property of the City of Nanaimo. The City will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of each application, and the information contained therein, except to the extent necessary to communicate information to Staff for the purpose of evaluation and analysis. The City will not release information to the public except where required under the Province of BC’s Freedom of Information of Privacy Act or other legal disclosure process. 

Tax Implications
Individual applicants will be required to submit Social Insurance Number to the City of Nanaimo Accounting Department. The City is required to issue T4A’s to individuals who are paid more than $500 in a calendar year. Collectives must be prepared to accept the grant in the name of one designated applicant, and will supply a single social insurance number. Organizations must be registered non-profit societies, in good standing, and will receive cheques in the society name.  


* Can I apply for more than one project/initiative?
- No, applicants are limited to one grant request in the Resilience Grant. 

* Can I apply to this program if I have received other funding from City of Nanaimo for my project?
- No. Applicants for the Resilience Grant may be receiving other grant funds for their proposed initiative, provided the funds are not awarded to them by the City of Nanaimo.

* My activity will start in 2021, but will last into 2022, am I still eligible to apply?
- The fund supports activities that are initiated in 2021. Applicants with activities that spill over into 2022 will not be eligible to apply to any future Culture and Events funding until a report for funds received in this program has been provided.

* My project will take place later in the year, and I don’t know yet what the relevant public health regulations will be. What information do I need to provide? 
- If your project involves a public activity, please provide an account that demonstrates how your activity can safely take place under the COVID-19 Public Health Orders that are in place at the time of application. For example, if the current protocols limit public gatherings to less the 50, you must provide a plan for your activity that conforms to this regulation.

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Last updated: January 28, 2021

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