Balanced Scorecard

A Balanced Scorecard is a set of performance measures that provides information about an organization through a number of different perspectives. 

For more information about the this Balanced Scorecard, see the Scorecard description.


Customer Perspective

  • Business satisfaction w/services 
  • Hotel occupancy rate 
  • Satisfaction with City services 
  • Satisfaction with communications 
  • Value for taxes (businesses) 
  • Value for taxes (citizens) 

Customer Perspective details (PDF)


Employee Perspective

  • Employee absenteeism
  • Employee engagement 
  • Employee turnover 
  • Time lost due to injury 
  • Training cost as % of expenditure 

Employee Perspective details (PDF)


Environmental Perspective

  • Air Quality Index 
  • Alternate Transportation Modes 
  • Community GHG emissions 
  • Corporate GHG emissions 
  • Facility energy consumption 
  • Fuel efficiency of fleet 
  • Protection of ESA's 
  • Urban density 
  • Urban forests 
  • Waste diverted from landfill 
  • Water consumption 

Environmental Perspective details (PDF)


Financial Perspective

  • Average value of a SFD 
  • Commercial Tax Rate 
  • Debt as % of Revenue 
  • Debt per Capita 
  • Delegate days at VICC 
  • Industrial Tax Rate 
  • New Construction Revenue 
  • Reserves as % of Expenditures 
  • Residential Taxes & User Rates 
  • Sports Tourism

Financial Perspective details (PDF)


Service and Program Delivery Perspective

  • Average age of sewer mains 
  • Average age of storm drains 
  • Average age of water mains 
  • Fire/Rescue response time 
  • Hectares of open space 
  • Kilometres of trails 
  • Participation in rec & cultural programs 
  • Pavement quality index 
  • Square Metres of rec facilities 
  • Time to process a building permit 
  • Water quality 

Service & Program Delivery Perspective details (PDF)


Social Perspective

  • Child Fitness (Rec Programs) 
  • Criminal Code offenses Funding for Cultural Activities 
  • Public Art 
  • Quality of Life 
  • Response to Homelessness 
  • Unemployment Rate 
  • Youth Crime rate 

Social Perspective details (PDF)


Last updated: October 5, 2017

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