Governance and Priorities Committee – September 21, 2020

Council Procedure Bylaw Amendments
A presentation was given to Council to discuss the opportunity to make amendments to Council Procedure Bylaw No. 7272.

Decision Outcome: Considerations for Council to discuss included time and locations of meetings, order of proceedings and business, petitions and communications, consent items, delegations pertaining to council agenda items, delegations unrelated to agenda items, question periods and other. There were no amendments made to Council Procedure Bylaw No. 7272.
Section 5 a,1,1

Communications Update
There are two distinct streams of government communications, political communications and corporate communications. Political communications is where, for example, elected officials share information and the rationale behind the reason as to why they voted for or against a certain matter. This type of communication occurs on the communication channels of the elected officials.

Government communication is essentially the corporate communications branch of the government. In the City of Nanaimo, the City’s Corporate Communications Department manages the City’s internal and external communications. Focusing on sharing information about City operations, services, programming, events and other matters that directly affect residents. This type of communication is done through the City’s corporate channels, which includes the City’s website, official social media channels, and public engagement platform.  

Council was provided an update on some of the projects and initiatives that the Communications Department is responsible for and continues to work on. Some examples include:

  • COVID-19 Communications: Provide timely updates and information from credible sources to the public regarding public health orders from senior levels of government and officials. Continue to inform the public about any potential impacts the orders and directives may have on City services.

  • Online Public Engagement: Launched a new public engagement online platform that allows the City to reach a larger audience. Get Involved Nanaimo provides engagement tools and opportunities for Nanaimo citizens who are interested in participating in public engagement but are unable to attend public meetings, may not feel comfortable speaking in a public setting or sharing their opinions on social media and/or do not have a social media account but have access to the internet and an email account.

  • Affordable and Supportive Housing Announcement: Worked in collaboration with BC Housing and Community Planning regarding the landmark Memorandum of Understand (MOU) for three affordable rental buildings and four purpose built permanent supportive housing developments. This included the promotion of public information sessions regarding each site.

  • REIMAGINE NANAIMO: Led the creation and development of the REIMAGINE NANAIMO promotional and engagement videos; in collaboration with Community Planning, implemented the public engagement and promotional campaign using Get Involved Nanaimo, City’s social media channels and website.

  • Subscription Based Newsletter Creator: Building on the success of My Nanaimo This Week, Communications, in collaboration with IT, have implemented a new newsletter platform that is subscription based, has rich text and media capabilities and complies with all the privacy concerns that matter to people. The public will soon be able to subscribe to the following newsletters:
    • Love Arts Nanaimo
    • My Nanaimo This Week
    • Parks and Recreation Newsletter

To learn more about who the Communications team supports throughout the City, including how they provide strategic communications expertise and work, watch the presentation made by the Manager of Communications. 

Council Dashboard – Voting Record
An option was presented for a Council Voting Dashboard that will display and track each Council members voting record for Council Meetings.

Decision Outcome: Council approved staff to proceed with the Council Voting Dashboard that has been developed by our IT Department to track Council’s voting record for Council Meetings retroactive to July 1, 2020.
Section 5 a, 3

September 21, 2020 Governance and Priorities Meeting - agenda, documents and video

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