Commercial Vehicle Decals

If you are a commercial vehicle owner and you use that vehicle to collect and/or deliver merchandise and you wish to have access to the Commercial Vehicle Loading Zones, you will need a Commercial Vehicle Decal. Decals are available at the Service and Resource Centre, 411 Dunsmuir Street, 250-754-4251.

Commercial Loading Zone Map (PDF)

Do I require a Commercial Vehicle Decal?

If your vehicle falls into one of the following categories you will need to obtain a Commercial Vehicle Decal:

  1. A commercial vehicle defined by, and licensed under the Commercial Transport Act; or
  2. A vehicle that is used for the collection, delivery, or both, of merchandise or other commodities in the ordinary course of a business day.

What is the cost of a Commercial Vehicle Decal?

The fees for a Commercial Vehicle Decal are based on the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of the vehicle.

Gross Vehicle Weight Cost
Under 2,800 kg $25
2,800 - 11,799 kg $30
11,800 - 20,000 kg $35
Over 20,000 kg $40

How can I find the GVW of my vehicle?

Vehicle Insurance documents will provide the GVW of the vehicle.

Last updated: June 9, 2017

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