Oil to Heat Pump Rebate Program

Up to $1,700 per home is available to help residents upgrade from oil heating to efficient electric air source heat pumps through the Oil to Heat Pump Rebate Program.

The City of Nanaimo is working with City Green Solutions to provide the incentive, with funding coming from the Province of British Columbia’s Innovative Clean Energy Fund.

Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program

To qualify, homeowners must install a qualifying central or mini-split heat pump and remove their oil tank and oil heating system. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis while funds last.

The Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund is designed to support the B.C. government's energy, economic, environmental, and greenhouse gas reduction priorities and advance B.C.'s clean energy sector.

Why switch to a Heat pump?

  • A typical heat pump will save you $1500 to $3000 on your energy bills (or 65% - 80% on your heating costs) every year when you switch from an oil heating system.
  • On average, a new heat pump is completely paid off within 4 - 8 years, and over the life of the system your investment really pays off – typically a return on investment of over 15 - 25%.
  • Eliminate the risk of a costly oil tank spill
  • Dramatically shrink your home’s greenhouse gas emissions – equivalent to taking 1.3 cars off the road each year!
  • Get comfortable, and cost effective, heating and cooling all year round
  • Gain access to additional rebates for other energy saving upgrades

The City of Nanaimo has specific requirements for where heat pumps can be located. Please see the location requirements PDF or contact the Planning & Design Section for further information at 250-755-4429.

Heat pump location information (PDF)
Download the Oil to Heat Pump poster (PDF)

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Last updated: June 22, 2017

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