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About Crime Map

The crime map provides information about recent and historical property crime incidents. The provided data has been anonymized; the crime incident data contains no personal information and the incident marker locations that are displayed have been generalized to the nearest street midpoint or intersection.

The crime map shows information and locations for the following types of property crimes:

  • Break and Enter
  • Mischief
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft
  • Theft from Motor Vehicle
  • Theft of Motor Vehicle
  • Other

Incident information includes:

  • Location
  • Area
  • Crime Type
  • Occurrence Type
  • Reported Time
  • File Number

The crime map defaults to displaying crime incidents that have occurred within the last fourteen days. Incidents are easily searchable by File Number, Date, Crime Type, and Area by clicking on Show Filters, just above the map. Visit the Developers Area to learn about more in-depth search and filter capabilities.


You can share your current map view with other people by clicking on the Share icon share located just below the map, or Permanent Link in an incident info window, then copy and paste the URL that pops up below the map. Alternatively, you can tell them to visit


The crime incident data can be downloaded or accessed in many popular formats. You can choose to get just the crime incidents that are currently displayed on the map, or all of the incidents in the database. Here are just some of the data formats available:

  • Atom
  • CSV
  • GeoJSON
  • KML
  • KMZ

View the Developers Area to learn how to get the data in these and other formats, and how to perform custom queries. The crime incident data can also be downloaded from the Nanaimo Data Catalogue.


You can stay up to date with new crime incidents in Nanaimo by subscribing to the Nanaimo Crime Incidents atom/rss feed. Click on the Feed icon Atom Feed below the map.


Visit the Developers Area to learn how to do more with the Nanaimo crime incident data, including incorporating it into your own custom applications!

Area Boundaries

The area boundaries used by the crime map were created by the City for planning purposes. The boundaries are based on the federal census tract area boundaries, to which some modifications have been made.


The crime map makes use of the Crime Mapping Symbology symbol set made available by the Law Enforcement Support Agency (LESA) and the US Department of Justice under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


Much appreciation to Lasse Rasch for sharing his insight and sample code to achieve very fast and efficient server-side clustering.

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