Spring Summer 2024 Activity Guide

Register online at recreation.nanaimo.ca General Inquiries 250-756-5200 38 Nanaimo Parks, Recreation & Culture Weekly Camps Full and partial day programs and camps. Junior Lifeguard Club Camp NEW! 8 to 13 Years Join this exciting skills camp which takes you in, on and around the water. Develop new lifesaving skills and learn attitudes that could one day save your life or someone else’s. Focus on fun, teamwork and skill development with games and a variety of activities themed around lifesaving, lifeguarding and first aid. A must for those of you who love the water but are looking for more than lessons. (Minimum Swimmer 4 level or have successfully completed the Swim to Survive Challenge to participate.) M-F, Jul 15-19 | 12:30-4:30 pm | $175/5 | 116832 Westwood Lake Park (first beach) Lifesaving Sport Camp - NEW! Fundamental Levels 3-5 10 to 15 Years Lifesaving Sport is the only sport in the world where participants first learn the skills for humanitarian purposes and later use those skills in competition. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Commonwealth Games Federation both recognize the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) as the world governing body for Lifesaving Sport. The Lifesaving Society represents Canada and is the governing body for Lifesaving Sport Canada. It promotes competition as a training incentive and a showcase for the abilities and professionalism of our lifeguards. (Minimum Swimmer 4 level or have successfully completed the Swim to Survive Challenge to participate.) M-F, Jul 22-26 | 12:30-4:30 pm | $175/5 | 116827 Westwood Lake Park (first beach) Rhythm & Rhyme: Intro to NEW! Creative Dance, Speech, Arts, Drama 6 to 8 Years Spend the week exploring creative movement, simple dance routines and get experience in speech arts and drama using the best of children’s poems and books. This camp culminates with a short performance on the last day for your parents. M-F, Jul 8-12 | 9 am-12 pm | $180/5 | 116437 Beban Social Centre The Young Puppeteer’s Camp NEW! 9 to 12 Years Indulge both your love of theatre and your love of crafts through the art of magic puppetry. Although the main focus in on the technique of puppeteering, you will have a chance to make finger, sock, stick and rod puppets while working on techniques of puppetry, building characters and creating short plays. M-F, Jul 15-19 | 9 am-12 pm | $180/5 | 116438 Beban Social Centre Theatre Camp with Nanaimo NEW! Young Person’s Theatre 9 to 12 Years Immerse into the theatre as we focus on performance training, teamwork, stage movement and characterization - all with the goal of putting on a scripted play for your parents on the final day. There is no singing required for this program. M-F, Jul 29-Aug 2 | 10 am-4 pm | $325/5 | 116441 Beban Social Centre Playwriting Camp with Nanaimo NEW! Young Person’s Theatre 12 to 17 Years You will learn how to write for the stage by working on (and performing in) short playwriting exercises. Let your creative side shine! M-F, Jul 22-26 | 1-4 pm | $180/5 | 116442 Beban Social Centre