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Incident Response

Fire and Rescue Incidents RSS Feed

Although the City of Nanaimo tries to ensure the accuracy of all information presented here, please confirm all information before making any decisions based on it. Information can be confirmed through the City of Nanaimo Fire Rescue Department. Please select a Date and click 'refresh' to view that day's calls.

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Time Address (Block #) Description Apparatus
12:41:19 AM 200 BLOCK HAREWOOD RD Medical Aid E32
1:43:59 AM 0 BLOCK COLLEGE DR Motor Vehicle Incident E1
2:10:29 AM 500 BLOCK TOWNSITE RD Medical Aid R2
3:31:39 AM 900 BLOCK 5TH ST Alarms Activated E1
5:39:41 AM 1000 BLOCK WADDINGTON RD Medical Aid R2
6:01:35 AM 3100 BLOCK ROCK CITY RD Medical Aid R2
6:22:11 AM 1300 BLOCK STEWART AVE Medical E1
6:46:57 AM 6000 BLOCK UPLANDS DR Medical Aid E3
9:03:12 AM 2400 BLOCK ROSSTOWN RD Medical Aid R2
9:10:32 AM 0 BLOCK MOSTAR RD Motor Vehicle Incident E2
10:45:00 AM 2300 BLOCK HIGHLAND BLVD Medical Aid E3
11:00:15 AM 400 BLOCK WESLEY ST Medical Aid E1
11:13:38 AM 5000 BLOCK LOST LK RD Medical E2
1:47:38 PM 0 BLOCK FRONT ST Medical Aid E1
3:37:06 PM 0 BLOCK NORWELL DR Medical Aid R2
5:26:03 PM 6000 BLOCK UPLANDS DR Medical Aid E3
5:27:48 PM 400 BLOCK STEWART AVE Medical Aid E1

Incident Response RSS Feed

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Incident Response Statistics

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