Expanding Opportunities for Recreation, Tourism and Culture in Nanaimo: Considering the Proposed Nanaimo Events Centre

The proposed Nanaimo Events Centre involves the construction of a multi-use facility where activities like ice sports, touring shows, concerts, cultural and community occasions, recreation programs and large meetings can take place.

An events centre would offer significant economic opportunities for Nanaimo–as a tourism anchor on the waterfront and as a new sporting and cultural gathering space. It would also create jobs and draw visitors to the area– resulting in significant ripple effects that will benefit residents and businesses and help revitalize our downtown.

Building an events centre in Nanaimo has been a topic of community interest and discussion for many years. More recently, two guiding documents – Council’s Updated Strategic Plan and the 2014 Culture Plan – have emphasized the importance of making the events centre a priority in terms of determining whether or not such a facility is a positive fit for Nanaimo.

The opportunities related to this project support Nanaimo City Council’s strategic priorities around continued improvement of the south downtown waterfront area, promoting community wellness and developing opportunities for recreation, culture, sports and tourism.

This six-phase project is now in Phase 3, which involves further assessment, additional planning and inviting resident and property owners to take part in a non-election assent vote (or referendum) during Phase 4 on March 11, 2017.

These project pages have been developed to share information about the proposed project, upcoming referendum and research completed to date.

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