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Active Life: Take a moment

For the last year, the Department of Parks, Recreation and Environment has been using the tagline “Take a Moment” to encourage residents to take a bit of time now and then and do something you truly enjoy. I have been thinking a lot about how I can “Take a Moment” this year and here are a few things I plan to do.

Be less distracted - Love it or hate it, technology, in many cases, has created our desire to be in the know at all times. We always seem to be “plugged in”. My plan this year is to put my phone down more, watch less TV  and be more present so that I can enjoy the moments that are right in front of me.

Photo Credit: Rachel Kirk Photography 

Reduce and simplify – No matter what stage of life you are at – single, parent of a young family or retired, there doesn’t ever seem to be enough time in the day. We all have so many things we need to get done. My plan this year is to do an inventory of those tasks so that I can take more moments to enjoy more of the things I like to do as opposed to the things I have to do. For example, does it matter if the dishes don’t get done right away when I can instead jump on the trampoline with my kids?

Photo Credit: Vivid Photography

Slow down I’ve often described my everyday life as always being on the run and in a hurry. I plan to slow down and take a  moment when possible to fully appreciate the things that really matter. In the long run, I am confident I will be more effective in my tasks.


Photo Credit: Ron Kirk Photography 

“Taking a moment” is different for everyone, but for me it is going for more walks, reading more good books, meeting up with friends for those overdue visits, planning and participating in more family activities, keeping myself healthy and trying new things with the hope of acquiring new skills and hobbies. I am looking forward to those upcoming moments and I hope you get to "take a moment" for yourself soon.  

For ideas on ways to “take a moment”, visit our website at or check out our Activity Guide.



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