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Heritage Register

Building Details
Name Adams Residence
Address: 547 Kennedy Street
Architectural Style: Edwardian
Building Use: Residential
Year of Construction: 1908
Builder or Architect: Unknown
Protected Heritage Property: No

Heritage Value Statement
This is an excellent example of a modest Edwardian cottage. It appears to have been built for William J. and May Adams; William was a miner. Symmetrical in massing, it features one projecting front semi-octagonal bay. It is square in plan, surmounted by a pyramidal roof. Clad with drop siding, there is little ornamentation other than the use of diagonal siding in the framed insets on the front bay. The projecting entry porch as been partially rebuilt; the original square chamfered columns at the front have been replaced, but the half-columns still attached to the house are original.

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