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Heritage Register

Building Details
Name Brick Cottage
Address: 1904 Jingle Pot Road
Architectural Style: Worker's Cottage
Building Use: Institutional
Year of Construction: 1910
Builder or Architect: Unknown
Protected Heritage Property: No

Heritage Value Statement
The Brick Cottage is an excellent example of a community preservation project. Built around 1910 as an office or storage building for a minor local coal company, the small rectangular building and grounds were converted into a residence and small farmstead in the 1920s by the Specogna Family. Over time, a frame addition and concrete milk house were added to the rear. In 1999, as part of a community preservation project, the original modest, brick building, minus the addition and milk house, was relocated to its current location to accommodate road construction. The building is currently owned by the municipality and used as an environmental and historical interpretation centre for the adjoining park.

The grounds surrounding the Brick Cottage are an integral part of the site and are an excellent example of a recreated landscape that reflects the building’s original context. The original site featured several agricultural out buildings, extensive flower and vegetable gardens and an orchard. Many of these elements were recreated on the new site, including a grape arbour and other appropriate plantings and hard landscape features.

The Cottage’s primary value resides in its location adjacent to a popular park, readily accessible to the public as an educational and interpretive venue.

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