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Heritage Register

Building Details
Name Harris Residence
Address: 375 Franklyn Street
Architectural Style: Queen Anne
Building Use: Commercial
Year of Construction: 1898
Builder or Architect: Unknown
Protected Heritage Property: Yes

Heritage Value Statement
Built around 1898 for Morgan and Harriet Harris, the Harris Residence is a striking and rare surviving example of the exuberant Queen Anne Revival architectural style. The asymmetrical massing, high hip roof and the rich but simple ornamentation found on this house are characteristic of the style. This charming house is the exception to the rule of generally plain building stock in Nanaimo. This building has survived in virtually original condition and this is also unusual in Nanaimo where this type of heavily ornamented house has generally undergone such substantial renovation that the original style elements are barely discernible.

The Harris Residence’s value resides lies in its location on a highly visible corner lot as part of a continuous line of substantially intact historic buildings on the south side of this city block.

Morgan Harris was a miner, and had previously lived on Fry Street. The land that this house was built on was originally owned by Arthur Bullock, and was not subdivided until 1892. This would have been one of the earliest residences in the area.

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