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Heritage Register

Building Details
Name Beattie Residence
Address: 825 Fitzwilliam Street
Architectural Style: Edwardian
Building Use: Residential
Year of Construction: 1910
Builder or Architect: Unknown
Protected Heritage Property: No

Heritage Value Statement
Built in 1910, for George Beattie, owner of Beattie and Hopkins Printers, the Beattie Residence is a sophisticated and unusual example of an Edwardian-era Craftsman style bungalow. The building features many of the hallmarks of this style including its long and low proportions, double hung wooden-sash windows, front gable roof, inset verandah, squared chambered columns, exposed farter ends and triangular eave brackets. The building also has some unusual design elements including its tapered concrete foundation wall and an inset corner verandah without a supporting corner column. These eccentric features set the Beattie Residence apart from other Craftsman residences in the city.

The Beattie Residence is significant as an example of the type of superior housing, both in design and construction, that typifies this neighbourhood. By the turn of the 20th century, this area was established as a middle to upper income residential neighbourhood a comfortable distance from the busy commercial core and adjacent mixed-use neighbourhoods.

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