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Heritage Register

Building Details
Name Angell's Trading
Address: 426 Fitzwilliam Street
Architectural Style: Interwar
Building Use: Commercial
Year of Construction: 1926
Builder or Architect: Alexander Forrester
Protected Heritage Property: Yes

Heritage Value Statement
Built in 1926, Angell’s Trading Building represents the style of the majority of commercial buildings constructed during the interwar period in Nanaimo. A simple, functionally building, it takes full advantage of its sloped site to bring light into the exposed basement and accommodate loading facilities at the rear. The oversize front windows designed to showcase merchandise further emphasize the building’s functional quality.

The Angell’s Trading Building is significant because of its association with prominent local contractor and designer Alexander Forrester. Typical of many men of his time, Forrester, in addition to his busy construction business, was very active in civic affairs, serving both as alderman and school trustee for many years. Forrester was born in Kingskettle, Fifeshire, Scotland, and came to the city in 1891.

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