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Heritage Register

Building Details
Name Hall Block
Address: 37 - 45 Commercial Street
Architectural Style: Classical Period Revival
Building Use: Commercial
Year of Construction: 1925
Builder or Architect: Unknown
Protected Heritage Property: Yes

Heritage Value Statement
The Hall Block is significant because of its association with Dr. G.A.B. Hall. Dr. Hall was the long time physician and surgeon to the Western Fuel Company miners and had a lengthy record of community service, including a term as Mayor from 1930-31. Hall represents the intrinsic connection between doctors, coal companies and the coal mining population. In a city with exceptionally high accident and death rates, these connections were especially significant.

Built in 1925, the Hall Block is a simple, symmetrical and well-proportioned example of an inter-war period building in a vernacular Edwardian Commercial style. With only minor alterations, the Hall Block maintains much of its original character.

Situated in the middle of one city block of largely intact and similarly scaled buildings, the Hall Block is a significant part of the Commercial Street streetscape.

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