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Communication Plan

To obtain a copy of the City of Nanaimo's Communication Plan, please download the following PDF. Additional update information is located at the bottom of this webpage.

Communication Plan


Presented to Council on July 22, 2013, The City of Nanaimo's Communication Plan outlines goals, objectives and specific actions that Council and staff will introduce to assist the organization in connecting with citizens. Care has been taken to recognize the growing demand for open and two-way communication, particularly as it pertains to listening to citizens, gathering feedback and the expanding influence of technology in accessing information. The Plan is a living document and will be reviewed and updated annually as part of the City's commitment to continuously improving service. Members of the community who are interested in providing feedback are invited to forward their comments to

Guiding Principles

The City of Nanaimo's Communication Plan is based on an organizational culture that is guided by the following principles that support effective municipal communication.

  • Taking Responsibility – Every member of Council and staff has a role to play in assisting the City to listen to citizens, incorporate feedback and communicate its message.

  • Informing Citizens – Make information available to citizens in a timely fashion, using the channels they prefer.

  • Active Listening – Citizens want to be heard – communicate information that acknowledges their input.

  • Measuring and Improving – Ensure City resources are used effectively and appropriately by regularly evaluating the information the City sends out.


The City of Nanaimo's Communication Plan will facilitate the creation of an organizational culture that values open and two-way communication in how it listens to residents, plans projects and undertakes tasks. Implementing the actions identified in the plan is therefore a coordinated and joint responsibility for everyone who has a direct role to play in assisting the City of Nanaimo in communicating its message and receiving feedback. Administration of the City's communication function is carried out by the Communication Manager and includes planning, research and measurement. A cross-departmental Communication Committee, chaired by the Communication Manager, provides additional feedback and buy-in.


Approved by Council on July 22, 2013, the City of Nanaimo's Communication Plan is a deliverable of the City's guiding strategy document, the 2012-2015 Corporate Strategic Plan. Carrying out specific actions identified throughout the Communication Plan will be realized during the same three-year period. It is anticipated that some actions will be completed quickly – likely within the first year of being adopted – while other actions will take longer. The following table lists the 24 action categories identified in the plan, along with proposed timelines.

Action Timeline Action Timeline
1.1.1 Create efficiencies for identifying public issues and listening and responding to community interests 2013-2014 2.2.3 Provide training to identified staff for writing and delivering public information and preparing communication planning documents 2013-2015


Create issue readiness behavior by ensuring staff members understand their roles in the issues management process 2013 3.1.1 Regularly request direction from citizens regarding which channels they use to send and receive information 2013-2015
1.1.3 Follow annual issue and announcement cycles to identify and hear citizen concerns and prepare public information in advance to address questions 2013-2014 3.1.2 Secure larger turnouts during community consultations
1.2.1 Ensure City staff contact directories are up to date and easy to find 2013-2014 3.1.3 Promote the use of online/social media for contributing feedback and suggestions to the City 2013-2014
1.2.2 Provide front-line staff with information and updates on topics of strong public interest
2013 3.2.1 Improve how information concerning public process and decision making is communicated and presented 2013-2015
1.2.3 Increase Council's and staff's use of social media
2013-2015 3.2.2 Promote sources of information where members of the public can learn more about local government 2014-2015
1.2.4 Introduce new opportunities for citizen feedback on the City's website 2013-2014 3.2.3 Build partnerships that supply information to new citizens and youth 2014-2015
2.1.1 Communicate important Council and corporate decisions to staff 2013 4.1.1 Establish an annual schedule of open house events that receive and convey information on popular or annual topics 2013-2015
2.1.2 Communicate important Council and corporate decisions to staff 2013-2014 4.1.2 Raise awareness of City programs and initiatives by encouraging readership of social media postings or bookmarking the City Blog 2013-2015
2.1.3 Provide advance notice to staff highlighting the City's position or actions being taken on emerging developments
2014 4.1.3 Encourage the public to submit questions to “Project Ambassadors” 2014-2015
2.2.1 Create annual department communication plans 2013-2015 4.2.1 Whenever possible, use plain-language for all public messaging 2013-2015
2.2.2 Standardize common operational procedures for communicating the City's message and receiving feedback from citizens 2013-2014 4.2.2 Provide avenues to translate City information into other languages 2014-2015
An update on the City's communications, including new and emerging trends, was provided to Council on October 6, 2014.

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