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Heritage Conservation Program Update & Review


We're looking to update the City's Heritage Conservation Program and would like to hear your thoughts. 

Share your thoughts with this online survey!

This review and update reflects the approaches and commitments made through the 2014-2020 Cultural Plan for a Creative Nanaimo to engage the community with its culture and heritage in various ways to ensure currently identified priorities and partners are still relevant and to identify areas where we can work better and / or differently with our partners and the community.

The purpose of the update is to:

  • seek input from residents and stakeholders regarding heritage values;
  • identify collaborative opportunities and synergies related to Nanaimo’s culture and heritage;
  • explore the connection between heritage and culture - where do these sectors overlap?; and
  • review, renew or update program initiatives that support community values and priorities.

How can we strengthen the existing Heritage Conservation Program?  We’d appreciate your input.  In short, we want to know:

  • What do you value most about Nanaimo’s heritage?
  • How could the City of Nanaimo better connect “culture” and “heritage”?
  • Are there any policy or action improvements that would strengthen the current Heritage Conservation Program, or expand its scope? If so, what are they?  View information on the City’s current program at
  • Could the City of Nanaimo improve the way it celebrates, remembers or promotes Nanaimo’s heritage? If so, how?

We encourage you to share your comments.  Results of the public input will be presented to City Council in the form of a summary report on the status of the Heritage Conservation Program and recommendations on how best to integrate the program with the policy objectives of the Cultural Plan.




Contact the Culture & Heritage Department directly at 250-755-4483 or   Subscribe to the Culture & Heritage eNewsletter to receive monthly updates on culture and heritage programming, projects and events (

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