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Learn About Nanaimo's Heritage

Local History

Take a Heritage Walk (or Bike Ride) Through Time
Copies of these brochures are available at City facilities or by delivery at request by contacting the Culture & Heritage Department at 250-755-4483 or

Nanaimo Community Heritage Register

View the Community Heritage Register (PDF) or search the Online Inventory by construction date or keyword.

Heritage Documents

Then and Now

This section highlights the changes which Nanaimo has undergone in its evolution as a city. In some cases, the changes have been minor, and in others dramatic. Using a display technique that has been employed by the Nanaimo District Museum for years, this section features a series of before and after photos comparing and contrasting specific areas of the City and their historical evolution. In addition to the image comparisons, this section also features a morphing sequence which conveys just how dramatically the City's downtown waterfront has changed over the years. Nanaimo City Hall is shown in a .pdf document highlighting the history of the current Wallace Street site.

Photos courtesy of Nanaimo Archives (copyright). Maps drafted by Joe Brookes (copyright).


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