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Heritage Action Plan

In 1994, the City of Nanaimo Heritage Strategy was completed. The strategy outlined heritage issues and opportunities; goals, objectives and priorities for the heritage program; and recommended actions. Building on this (and other studies), the Heritage Action Plan seeks to:

  • Promote the conservation of heritage resources (including buildings, cemeteries, landscape features, sites, structures, objects);
  • Enable Nanaimo's heritage resources to contribute effectively to Nanaimo's prosperity and quality of life for its citizens;
  • Facilitate the development process by removing elements of uncertainty;
  • Take advantage of the regulatory tools contained in the Province's 1994 Heritage Conservation Legislation; and
  • Promote flexibility in the City's response to applications.

The Heritage Action Plan was completed in 1998 and included a survey of significant heritage resources (Heritage Register) as well as a blueprint for implementing a comprehensive municipal heritage conservation program. The project was coordinated through the City's Community Planning Section, and involved consultation with city staff expected to be part of the management process. For the duration of this project, a separate steering group, the Heritage Futures Committee (HFC) was formed; the Nanaimo Community Heritage Commission (NCHC) was also involved throughout the project. The public-at-large was engaged through a call for public nominations of significant historic resources, and through a series of open meetings which were widely advertised. Two drafts of the plan components were circulated to staff and interested parties for comment.

In November 2010, the City of Nanaimo's Heritage Commission hosted an open house as part of its review and update of the Heritage Action Plan. The purpose of the open house was to provide a summary of the results and to solicit public input with respect to where the City should be focusing its resources next as they pertain to heritage conservation policy and action.

Copies of the Heritage Action Plan and Heritage Register can be requested (free of charge) by contacting us directly. Please refer to the City's Official Community Plan for general policies pertaining to heritage.



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