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Mission, Vision, Values

Nanaimo Fire Rescue Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The Nanaimo Fire Rescue Department exists to enhance the quality of life within our community by providing innovative protection and safety to life, property and the environment.

We are a professional organization that accomplishes our mission through prevention, emergency response services, education and training.

Vision Statement

Key elements of the Nanaimo Fire Rescue's vision statement include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Public Service: Nanaimo Fire Rescue provides exceptional service to its citizens. Our interactions with our customers consistently generate a positive public perception and our complex work is understood and appreciated. Collectively, we proactively offer community leadership through our public education efforts.
  • Professional Members: Nanaimo Fire Rescue members are professionals who have co-created a workplace characterized by mutual trust and respect. Our interactions are based on the notion that people are treated as they themselves wish to be treated. We understand that conflict is a legitimate part of professional life and it is addressed candidly and positively.
  • Professional Organization: Nanaimo Fire Rescue is a professional organization that has developed and implemented our shared mission and values. We are comprised of collaborative teams that are dedicated to action and results. We are collectively responsible for our organizational health and we accept that maintaining that health is an ongoing process.
  • Collaboration: Nanaimo Fire Rescue, the City of Nanaimo and numerous external partners work together effectively and respectfully thereby achieving seamless service integration. Our joint efforts enhance the quality of life within our community.
  • Education and Training: Nanaimo Fire Rescue has the strongest education and training division in the province. The department and their learners comprise a professional learning organization. Diverse and high quality educational activities are available for all pre-, early, mid- and late career members.
  • Resources: Nanaimo Fire Rescue has developed outstanding resources, infrastructure and equipment. We are recognized provincially for our professional facilities and ownership of the maintenance program. As a result our employee morale is high and our public is proud of our efforts and confident in our capacity to perform our duties.
  • Communications: Nanaimo Fire Rescue has created multiple strategies to ensure its internal and external communications are genuine, consistent and candid. Communication at all levels within the organization is characterized by good listening, prompt feedback and encouragement. Genuine conversations lead to genuine results and technology efficiently compliments communication efforts.
  • Leadership: Nanaimo Fire Rescue promotes leadership development at all levels within the department. The organization recognizes its uniqueness that demands both paramilitary leadership on site and inclusive distributed leadership elsewhere within the organization.
  • Recruitment: Nanaimo Fire Rescue has developed a clear recruitment program that is accepted and understood by all. The organization priorizes succession planning and has well-established promotion practices whereby the best candidate advances. Issues of seniority and diversity are harmonized into all competitions.
  • Decision-making: Nanaimo Fire Rescue has successfully implemented inclusive decision making practices where representative divisional voices have the opportunity to participate on task forces, working groups and other decision making structures. Input from all sectors is respectfully encouraged and considered.


The following shared values define how we act, they hold us accountable and they drive our daily decision making:

  • We value trust and understand that honesty, respect and integrity are key values that foster our trust.
  • We value teamwork, the well-being of our team and each member within that team.
  • We value pride, dignity and dedication as attributes that combine to make a positive difference in our professional lives and the lives of others.
  • We value our service traditions, our history and at the same time, we value the need for quality service improvements and innovation.
  • We value our diverse customers (citizens) and communities and every public interaction is treated as an opportunity to achieve our mission.
  • We value personal accountability and professional responsibility. Our words and actions are consistently congruent.
  • We value the provision of education and training opportunities for our employees.
  • We value comraderie where humour and fun contribute to a collegial and supportive work environment.

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