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Safer School Travel Program

Crosswalk2.jpgThe Safer School Travel (SST) Program is an electronic web-based tool developed to assist Parent Advisory Committees in developing a School Road Safety Plan. The goal of the SST is to assist every elementary school in Nanaimo to create their own School Road Safety Plan.

The School Road Safety Plan focuses on addressing:

  • identification of all issues in the walk/cycle limits of a school
  • strategies for all modes of transportation
  • vehicle reduction initiatives
  • engineering, education and enforcement

The Parent Advisory Committee and school administrators at each school work collaboratively with key community partners - City, RCMP, School District, ICBC, local residents and community associations, to develop their School Road Safety Plan. Consultation and research are key factors in the identification of the top road safety issues at each school.

School Parent Advisory Committees work with the City of Nanaimo's Communications Coordinator through the step by step program. Once all the issues have been identified and supporting documentation gathered, stakeholders are invited to participate in developing strategies to reduce the problems. Each school will have specific needs to be met and the stakeholder group will be called as required to help resolve issues.

Start today to encourage awareness of SST at your school.

Once a school has initiated the SST process, it typically takes about a year and a half to complete.

Structure and Content of the Safer School Travel Tool –

Safer School Travel Walking Route Maps

Bayview School

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