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Roads Maintenance

The Road Maintenance Division of Public Works is responsible for street and traffic operations and maintenance in the City. Services provided by the Department include:

  • Winter Road Maintenance / Snow and Ice Control
  • Road Pavement Maintenance:
    • Pot Hole patching
    • Major asphalt patching
    • Road rehabilitation / resurfacing
    • Crack sealing
    • Road shoulder maintenance
    • Curb repairs
    • Spill response and emergency clean up
  • Road side Maintenance:
    • Guard Rail painting, installation and replacement
    • Sidewalk and pathway repairs and maintenance
    • Vegetation control
  • Traffic Markings:
    • Crosswalks and lane markings
    • Directional dividing lines
    • Raised pavement markers (reflectors)
  • Traffic sign manufacturing, installation and maintenance
  • Traffic signal repair and maintenance
  • Streetlight repair and maintenance
  • Traffic control for community and special events such as Empire Days and Bathtub Festival
  • Erection of banners for the Festival of Banners and Christmas decorations

For information contact: 758-5222 or email

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