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Truck Routes

Designated truck routes are established and signed to restrict truck traffic from using certain streets and roads in order to protect the physical structure of the roadway itself, as well as to protect residential neighborhoods and other areas not well suited to the size, noise and nuisance factors associated with large trucks, as well as for commodity safety reasons.

The City's Traffic and Highways Regulation Bylaw 1993 No. 5000 regulates the routes, vehicle sizes, weights and goods. Truck route signage, both permissive and restrictive, is strategically located throughout the City to guide trucking companies.

Trucking companies are required to apply for permits when they exceed any of the routing, size and/or weight restrictions.

For HOUSE MOVING COMPANIES - if moving a building or mobile home onto a lot or mobile home park, there must be an approved building permit issued, prior to move. 

Below are examples of permissive signage and restrictive signage posted throughout the City defining our truck routes.

truck route1.jpg truck route2..jpg                           











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