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New Reservoir No.1 & Energy Recovery Facility

Reservoir No.1 perspective from Nanaimo Lakes Road.

Project Summary

A new 14 million litre (ML) enclosed reinforced concrete water reservoir (storage tank) and associated pipelines are required to replace the original open air water reservoir, in order to receive filtered and treated drinking water from the City of Nanaimo's South Fork Water Treatment Plant, coming on line in spring 2015. The old open air reservoir is on the east side of Nanaimo Lakes Road, south of the Parkway.  It currently receives water piped directly from South Fork Dam.  As the water leaves the reservoir and enters the City, it is screened and disinfected and then piped to the network.

The new reservoir needs to be constructed in advance of commissioning of the water treatment plant, so it is able to receive and protect the filtered water. In conjunction with the construction of Reservoir No 1, the project will incorporate energy recovery equipment in the control building for the reservoir. The energy recovery component is expected to generate enough to power 60-70 homes.

Phase one of construction will begin in August 2012 and is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2012.  Phase one will include the installation of a new pipeline and clearing of land for the future reservoir site.  The second phase includes the construction of the new reservoir and energy recovery facility and is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2014.


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