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South Downtown Waterfront

The South Downtown Waterfront Committee (SDWC), established June 25th, 2013, serves as a collective of partners and stakeholders providing guidance and advice for the South Downtown Waterfront area.

The SDWC completed the South Downtown Waterfront Initiative project in early 2014 with the delivery of two documents: Framing the Future – Vision & Guiding Principles and Framing the Future – Nanaimo South Downtown Waterfront Technical Report.

The guiding principles of the Committee are to:

  1. Promote access and connectivity to local neighbourhoods, the city, and the region.
  2. Support an evolving working harbour.
  3. Promote ecologically positive development.
  4. Promote bold and resilient land use.
  5. Embed cultural and social considerations in future decisions.

The current focus of the Committee is on development of a charter to implement Framing the Future: Vision & Guiding Principles.

The Committee conducted a Working Session on Charter Preparation on January 23rd, 2014. The session included an overview of types and functions of charters as well as a video conference and presentation with Marshall Foster, Director of the Office of the Waterfront (Seattle, WA).


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