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Social Planning

Distinct from other forms of planning, which have a focus on land, buildings and streets, social planning focuses on people. In Nanaimo, social planning involves the assessment of community needs, building community cooperation, providing support to citizen participation, and encouraging the community to become active in social issues.

The City's two Social Planners work with community-based organizations, federal and provincial ministries, the Social Planning Advisory Committee and other civic departments to address the City's critical social issues. The Social Planners provide support and information to Nanaimo's social agencies, brings together key people to address emerging social issues, and provides information to Council on these issues.

Social Planning Grants

NEW: Please note that applications for the Social Planning Grants will be accepted until 4:00 PM on Monday, July 24, 2017.

The purpose of the Social Planning grant program is to assist organizations in responding to issues of a social nature with initiatives that enhance social cohesion, address the root causes and effects of poverty, contribute to the vitality of our community and foster social inclusion and social equity.

For more information, please see the Social Planning Grants Guidelines and Criteria.

There are two categories of Social Planning Grants:

Social Response Grants (previously the Social Development Grant Program) 

Intended for initiatives and projects of a more significant scope. The total budget available for this category is $60,000; individual applications for up to $60,000 will be accepted.

Social Response Grant Application

Community Vitality Grant (previously the Community Service Grant Program)  

Intended for projects of a smaller scale. The total budget available for this category is $25,000; individual applications for up to $10,000 will be accepted.

Community Vitality Grant Application

For more information on the social planning grants, please contact Community and Cultural Planning directly at 250-755-4464.

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