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Social Planning

Distinct from other forms of planning, which have a focus on land, buildings and streets, social planning focuses on people. In Nanaimo, social planning involves the assessment of community needs, building community cooperation, providing support to citizen participation, and encouraging the community to become active in social issues.

Social Planner

The City's Social Planner works with community-based organizations, federal and provincial ministries, the Social Planning Advisory Committee and other civic departments to address the City's critical social issues. The Social Planner provides support and information to Nanaimo's social agencies, brings together key people to address emerging social issues, and provides information to Council on these issues.

Social Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC)

This Committee, established by City Council in 1991, is made up of 9 community-at-large members and representatives from the School Board, Parks and Recreation Commission, and City Council. The Committee provides a broad-based social perspective to Council and staff on the community's social needs and issues, and acts as a liaison with community groups, agencies, the public, and other government sectors.

Committee members are appointed by City Council following the municipal election and serve for a 3-year term. When vacancies occur during that time, the positions are advertised on the City's website and in local newspapers.

For more information on the City's Social Planning, contact John Horn, Social Planner, at 250-755-4491 or via e-mail at

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