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Native Plant Salvage program

 Fawn Lily at Piper's Lagoon

The City of Nanaimo is a beautiful place to live for many reasons, but especially because of our spectacular and diverse natural environment. Preservation of our natural heritage in Nanaimo is a goal shared by the City and the community.

Where opportunities exist, native plants can be salvaged from sites where they would otherwise be lost due to development. Plants salvaged from these sites are used in restoration projects to benefit the entire community. It's important to note native plant salvaging is not considered to be an alternative to habitat or species protection. This program is in addition to the efforts that are in place through the development process to protect our natural spaces. Plant salvaging, offers a unique opportunity for the public to learn more about the value of native plants in our community and to help protect local species that would be otherwise lost.

Landowners and developers participate in this program by granting permission for volunteer members to access their property before development begins.

Volunteer salvager

Program Information

To become a member, participants must attend an orientation session and sign an agreement/waiver form to release landowners from liability and to ensure appropriate practices are followed.

Program members are also asked to follow a few rules:

  • ONLY salvage members are allowed on salvage sites. If you want to bring a friend or relative with you - they must become a registered member first.
  • Members must wear their NAMETAGS whenever salvaging on one of our sites. The nametags are provided at the orientation session. If you lose your nametag, please contact the Coordinator for a replacement.
  • Always follow the directions on the site form very carefully.
  • Please keep pets at home.
  • Please keep sites clean and safe.
  • Be a good ambassador of the salvage program and respect any boundary markers onsite.

Next training session for volunteers is on Saturday, April 19 at 9:00 am. Please meet at 3025 Shores Drive off of Hammond Bay Road (we will meet beside the pedestrian bridge over Wally Creek). 

Wooly Sunflower

Alder Salmon Berry Blossom


For More Information:

Program Brochure

Plant Salvage Guidelines

Useful Websites:


Capital Regional District - Natural Gardening

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