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Service Canada Homeless Partnering Strategy

Homelessness is a challenge in all regions across Canada; the Federal Government's Homelessness Partnering Strategy works with local communities to address that challenge. Begun in 1999 Phase 1 (1999 – 2004) provided $1.3 million to Nanaimo projects, while Phase 2 (2003-2006) provided another $1.72 million in financial support. In 2007 Phase 2 was extended through to 2009, and this year the Government of Canada committed to a continuation of funding for the HPS to March 31, 2010.

HPS Funding is delivered to homelessness projects in line with priorities identified by Community Advisory Boards (CABs); in Nanaimo the CAB is Nanaimo's Working Group on Homelessness (NWGH). Proposals are submitted in response to a Call for Proposals issued by Service Canada, a review committee struck by the NWGH then reviews and recommends proposals for funding based on priorities established in Nanaimo's Community Plan to Reduce Homelessness. Projects are subject to approval by the Minister responsible for the HPS, and when a project is approved the funding is administered through the Government of Canada's Common System for Grants and Contributions.

As the Community Entity, the United Way (Central and Northern Vancouver Island), in collaboration with a local Community Advisory Board (CAB), oversees project funding granted to organizations that help tackle homelessness issues.

Nanaimo Working Group on Homelessness: Call for Proposals

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