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Social Development Strategy

In 2002, SPAC initiated a collaborative process with key community partners to create a Social Development Strategy for Nanaimo. A Social Development Strategy Steering Committee was created with representation from a broad range of social and economic interests including public agencies, non-profit organizations, private businesses, local merchants, and schools. A 12-month public consultation process followed.

Social Status Report

Development of the Strategy had two phases. Phase 1 saw the development of a statistical report, the Social Status Report, which tracks 50 quality of life indicators and answers the question, "Where are we now from a social perspective?"

Social Development Strategy

In Phase 2, the development of the Strategy sought to answer 3 related questions:

  1. Where do we want to go?
  2. How do we get there?
  3. Who must be involved in order to successfully implement the Strategy?

The Strategy defines a social vision for Nanaimo, goals to achieve that vision, and specific strategies to achieve those goals. The Strategy acknowledges and builds on the many positive initiatives occurring in Nanaimo and sets forth specific strategies to address the identified social issues in the following 6 major areas of focus:

  • Education and Learning
  • Employment and Income
  • Community and Health Services
  • Housing and Shelter
  • Safety and Security
  • Community Life

Together, these strategies are designed to achieve the vision of "creating a community which nurtures a caring, healthy, inclusive and safe environment, while empowering its citizens to realize their aspirations and hopes."

On 2008-Feb-11, Council endorsed the Social Development Strategy and directed staff to incorporate it as a component of the revised Official Community Plan. Council also adopted the Social Status Report, ensuring that the social health of the community will be measured on a regular basis.

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