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Dispute Parking Ticket or Bylaw Notice

Bylaw Notice Dispute Process

1. Apply to Dispute. Complete online application within 14 days from when your ticket was issued. 2. Talk to a screening officer. A screening officer will contact you to discuss your dispute. If your ticket is cancelled, your dispute ends here. 3. Attend a hearing. An adjudicator will make a decision based on the facts of your case. 3a. Ticket is cancelled.3b. Ticket is upheld. 4. Pay the full, non-discounted ticket plus a $25 fee. 5. Past the due date, the ticket will go to a collection agency and owe the ticket value plus 25% plus $25 fee.

Get the Facts before you Act

Make an informed decision before disputing a ticket. Before you apply to dispute a City of Nanaimo parking ticket, keep these things in mind:

  • A paid ticket cannot be disputed
  • An adjudicator cannot reduce the ticket amount
  • Fewer than 5% of tickets adjudicated are cancelled
  • A $25 fee is charged in addition to your ticket if your adjudication process is unsuccessful
  • The adjudicator makes a decision based on facts. Personal circumstances are not considered.

Submit a separate application for each ticket you choose to dispute. Fill out a Bylaw Ticket Dispute Form.

Broken Parking Meters

  • To avoid a ticket, don't park at a broken meter
  • To report a broken meter, call 250-755-4468 and provide the meter number

Did You Get a Notice by Mail?

You may get a notice in the mail about a parking ticket that you did not receive on your vehicle. You will be required to pay this ticket using the Bylaw Notice Ticket Payment process.

Parts of a Parking Ticket

These are the parts of a City of Nanaimo violation ticket.

1. Vehicle Licence Number
2. Violation Date
3. Violation Time
4. Ticket Number

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