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Resident Parking Permits


Resident Exempt Registration Form

Only residents of addresses in signed, Resident Exempt parking areas are able to apply for passes. Non-resident owners do not qualify for Resident Exempt passes. Passes are issued to current residents only. Passes cannot be issued to a business operating from that premise, or to any employees working at that premise.

The process of identification of the Resident will be presentation of 2 pieces of current ID showing their name and the address in the exempt area. These pieces of ID may include:

  • Vehicle Registration - required
  • Utility
  • Current Driver's Licence
  • Or other official documentation with the Resident's name and address showing

All license plate numbers of the Resident will be required (maximum of 5 per property). Proof of vehicle ownership will be required for each license plate (vehicle registration).

Residents in Resident Exempt parking areas THAT HAVE A DRIVEWAY or lot available MAY NOT QUALIFY for Resident Exempt parking

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